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Calendar Daddy 2017

We tried our best to provide you simple yet elegant calendars in every format you can imagine.

Export Calendar

You can download any calendar from our site for free by exporting it into a PDF document to print it later and adorn your home by hanging them around.

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Calendar with Holidays

You can also get a calendar that’s featured with detailed list of religious and national holidays in your region to plan a family day-out on a holiday.

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Awesome FREE Templates

You can download free templates in various formats - Image Templates, MS-Office Templates, PSD Templates and PDF Templates for all festival seasons and occasions.

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Calendar wallpapers

You can download free calendar wallpapers based on occasions, seasons and festivals. Also, you can upload you own wallpaper to have it featured here.

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Welcome to Ever since the days and months are started to calculate the calendars are that keep tracking passing of the day and month. The calendars are created by the people who lived in the early days. According to the archeologist the first calendar could be created before several thousand years. The current calendar is an optimization of all calendars that is been created by many civilizations in the early years. The calendars are the ticking sound of every day movement and keep us engaged for everyday.

Calendar Template

Primarily, these calendars are created with some piece of paper which is ought to be an object that fills a corner in home. Later, calendars are sold with some unique and spectacular design to decorate the place where it is placed. Some designers started to produce the templates for calendars. Ever since, the calendars with attractive designs are made available for the people.

Here you can simply access and generate the template and neatly format the calendar for the year you wish to have. These calendars are neatly formatted and these templates are designed in a way to support in Ms Office software. Each and every month these templates are updated and modified to be easily printable. We have provided the calendar templates of the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

You could easily download the templates for these years by simply clicking those templates. Mean while you could create an attractive calendar with these calendar templates simply by selecting the month and year you wish to get. You could custom the templates in a way you need, rather you could download it the whole and make it suitable for your way of living.

Make a calendar that has the remainder for the special occasions and birthdays. Therefore remembering special occasions would be lot more easier then it use to be.

Printable Calendars

Getting a calendar online is one simple job and many satisfying calendar templates are made available here. Here you could print the calendar with the template you are convinced with. Some of these printable templates come with a black space at the bottom where you could note all the anniversaries and birthdays of your special ones.

You could simply edit these printable calendars and download it. Nevertheless, these printable calendars are compatible to adapt the Ms Word and word software's.